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2010-04-04 00:05:36 by iluvatarulmo



2009-12-19 19:33:44 by iluvatarulmo

After a hard working season in school...(yeah ,sure)...i finally got vacation, im travelling to acapulco and zacatecas im going to have a good time....however i will try not to make something stupid while im there, what could posibly go wrong...

Quite disturbing

2009-12-11 21:47:16 by iluvatarulmo

I fell worried....some years ago i had a fight with a guy near my home...but nowadays my brother is telling me that this guy has got involved in drugs and i dont know if hes consuming or dealing...but anyway there are rumors that hes got a scared in deed, i mean i know i can die at any time but still...maybe im just overreacting...

Yesterday, i went out with some friends, it was nice party although im not a party boy. When we ran out of alcohol we went to another party....the thing is that in the other party everyone was almost dead...i mean the people there were lying in the garden, puking all around and sleeping around theyre own what did my friends and i did...yep, we stole their booze. And we went to the other party. Then i dont remember to much of what happened, except that i emptied a bottle of brandy.


2009-12-02 15:31:54 by iluvatarulmo

Well...I was expecting to see a little bit of enthusiasm in the other post...i think it wasnt interesting enough...well maybe you would like to ask another question, well go on and ask me something why not.

What would you do...

2009-12-01 19:38:35 by iluvatarulmo

...If a man manages to destroy the earth, completely. And you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and as you realize what has happened you find yourself surrounded by every single soul the mankind has ever made, from Einstein to Napoleon, from Alexander the Great to Sir Elton John you even find mythical creatures,gods,demons,...Everyone, every soul, but soon you find out that this is not a "heaven", its a new way mankind gets to destroy each other...Destroying a man´s body is something senseless, the new wave is to destroy the soul, to crush everything until a new one raises from the ashes...becoming a new allmighty god capable of twisting time and tearing space with free will...What would you do?...Will you try to fight and become a god, or will you try to hide to protect your puny soul?...Will you let live those who hurt you or your culture while we were on earth, or would you be a kind soul willing to let live everyone?...What would you do?


2009-11-27 22:36:17 by iluvatarulmo

I got nothing to say whatever you want and i will try to reply everyone....except spammers...

Finding answers

2009-11-26 20:59:52 by iluvatarulmo

I could ask for the meaning of life, or about if theres life in other planets or things like that, and it would be nice to do it in other post, but right now i want to know...whats the fucking motivation of spammers, i mean why they do that for....please answer....and if you´re a spammer sending me bullshit at least try to answer.

just something curious

2009-11-22 20:31:02 by iluvatarulmo

Is God willing to prevent evil but not able? Then it is not omnipotent. Not willing to prevent evil, but able to? Then it is perverse. If he is prepared to prevent and also can? Then, why is there evil in the world? Could it be that is unwilling to prevent it, nor able? Then why call him God?


2009-11-14 15:29:12 by iluvatarulmo

I went to the concert las 12. AC/DC simply rulez!!!!!