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just something curious

2009-11-22 20:31:02 by iluvatarulmo

Is God willing to prevent evil but not able? Then it is not omnipotent. Not willing to prevent evil, but able to? Then it is perverse. If he is prepared to prevent and also can? Then, why is there evil in the world? Could it be that is unwilling to prevent it, nor able? Then why call him God?


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2009-11-22 21:22:53

Wow, your pissed. Is there any particular event that brought this on or just rage at the world in general?

iluvatarulmo responds:

Its not like a particular event it is a quote of epicurus, i found it and it had sense to me....but still i believe theres something but i dont call it like anything specifically, its just like theres something and thats it, but still i believe religions are funny if you see them from an objective point of view...and also religion in my country its more likely a joke.