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What would you do...

2009-12-01 19:38:35 by iluvatarulmo

...If a man manages to destroy the earth, completely. And you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and as you realize what has happened you find yourself surrounded by every single soul the mankind has ever made, from Einstein to Napoleon, from Alexander the Great to Sir Elton John you even find mythical creatures,gods,demons,...Everyone, every soul, but soon you find out that this is not a "heaven", its a new way mankind gets to destroy each other...Destroying a man´s body is something senseless, the new wave is to destroy the soul, to crush everything until a new one raises from the ashes...becoming a new allmighty god capable of twisting time and tearing space with free will...What would you do?...Will you try to fight and become a god, or will you try to hide to protect your puny soul?...Will you let live those who hurt you or your culture while we were on earth, or would you be a kind soul willing to let live everyone?...What would you do?


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