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Quite disturbing

2009-12-11 21:47:16 by iluvatarulmo

I fell worried....some years ago i had a fight with a guy near my home...but nowadays my brother is telling me that this guy has got involved in drugs and i dont know if hes consuming or dealing...but anyway there are rumors that hes got a scared in deed, i mean i know i can die at any time but still...maybe im just overreacting...


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2009-12-11 21:49:18

If it bothers you so much, alert a police that you have a neighbor who may be on drugs and is armed. Of course you could always hire get a private eye to spy on him.

iluvatarulmo responds:

If i were in usa,canada or europe or another kind of country that would definitevely would be an option but in mexico im afraid it aint gonna happen...i think i just need to chill out...maybe he doesnt even remembers me


2009-12-11 22:59:50

You had a fight with him years ago? Does he even remember who you are?

iluvatarulmo responds:

Maybe youre right maybe im just overreacting