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Book quest

2009-11-04 21:36:48 by iluvatarulmo

Hey the other day i was playing a game of an elephant that you must do many achievements in one single level....okay, the thing is...thats one achievement that says the meaning of life....and i must click 4-2...why?...
I asked a friend of mine...and he told me that it was about a book, but he doesnt remembers the title...and almost anything of the plot, just that the meaning of life is 42. do you happen to know about this book?

look at me

2009-11-03 23:35:30 by iluvatarulmo

After some days working on them i finally finished drawing some characters ive been thinking of, i actually submitted the to my art porta...i would appreciate you guys to criticize them, well constructive know to give me tips to improve...

the other day i was arguing with some friends, about the existance of god...i started blaming, and laughing about god. and as a joke i said.-"if god is that almighty, then lets ask him for a sandwich" we keep arguing till recess. i stood near a window when someone threw a sandwich trough the window and it felt right infront of can almost imagine my face while staring numb at the bitten was simply what do you think...a god...or just coincidence.

Stupidly happy

2009-10-26 16:19:30 by iluvatarulmo

Its the first time i submit something...isnt tath enough to be happy.